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    Isabella Altunok
    Qualified translator for English-German, German-English
    Also translator for Turkish-German, German-Turkish


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    Qualified translations

    • English-German
    • German-English
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  • About me

  • Specialized Fields

    Engineering/Industry: Power Plant Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Machine Elements, Machine Tools, Materials Science, Ecology, Environmental Protection, Renewable Energies, Bitumen Technology, Road Construction, etc.

    Translation of technical documentation: User Instructions, Assembly Guidelines, Product Descriptions, Installation and Maintenance Instructions, etc.

    Software Translation and Localisation
    For SAP: adaptation to linguistical, culturel and technical requirements of the target group

    Economy/Trade: Banking, Finances, Company Guidelines, Association’s Statutes, Contracts, Business Agreements, Buiness Letters, Correspondance


    Politics, Society, Sociology, Public Relations, Journalism

    In addition: Documents such as Certificates, Expert Reports, Passport, Driving Licences, etc.

  • Human vs. Mashine

    Why should you consult a specialist translator in case of professional translation of specialized texts?
    A specialist translator has usally the required background knowledge in adaptation the translated text to the original text according to style of speech and content. For an ordinary person, it is often difficult to translate a special field text appropately regarding style of speech and content without having the required special knowlegement. Especially in case of binding texts, it is essential that the translated text is confirm with the original text with regard to style of speech and content meaning.

    What should you consider in case of translation of specialized texts?
    Before handing out the text to the translator make sure that the content of the text is correct. This can be ensured by an expert. The more precise and correct the original text is, the better the translation will be done. You should avoid self-created words and monstrous sentences, if you are just an ordinary person without having the required knowledge and experience.
    In case if you want to translate your texts by yourself and if you are not sure about the content and speech, just consult a specialist translator who can proofread your translation. Proofreading is usally less cost-intensive than handing out the text for translation.
    You should avoid using translation programs or online translation. Some people have thoughtlessly confidence in translation programs or online translation which are no reliable translation tools. The result received from these programs are hair-rising, incomprehensible and show plenty of mistakes.
    Humans are still the best intermediator in case of communication. Even if translation programs or computer are able to translate the text to some degree, they do not have the intellectual reference to reality. This reference is only possessed by humans who are able to connect the word or sentence to the reality while translating.

  • Information-contact and pricing

    The fee for a standard line (55 characters) of the document to be translated begins at 0,70 EUR/Cent and varies according to target and source language, specialized field, volume of text, level of difficulty and delivery deadline.
    But if you send me the document to be translated, I will submit to you a personalized quote without obligation after a detailed analysis.
    The minimum charge will be 30-35EUR.

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    Übersetzungen Altunok
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    Telephone: +49 (0) 431 6694607
    Telefax: +49 (0) 431 77 59 10 40

    Email: info@uebersetzung-altunok.de